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Cindy Grayson: Links

Concerts In Your Home
This site will answer any question you have about what a Houesconcert is to how to get involved and a long list of singers/songwriters to listen to and find thier websites.
The Ezfolk site is another site for musicians to use and order a wide variety of Texas and the surrounding area.
James Michael Taylor is a singularly unique singer/songwriter who's songs and performance (should you ever get the chance) are both a style all their own and well worth listening to again and again.
Creative Ideas
Nancy Langham of Nacogdoches does some beautiful work with Custom Stained Glass. Check out her website when you get the chance.
Pineknot Music CoOp.
The Pineknot Music CoOp. host live shows of local and friends of musicians who play once a month and they hold their shows at the old church located in Millards Crossing just north of Nacogdoches, Tx with donations excepted at the door.
It's low key and a lot of fun.
Cindy Grayson
Just a personal web site but I have several photo albums there and one titled " My Pictures " has prints of most of my artwork and I will add to it as I complete each piece.
D&D Creations
This site is all about a family's own jewelry line. Tony and his Mom make some of the coolest handmade Celtic jewelry and handmade crafts. I know, I bought one of their bracelets ( it's beautiful!) and they make a line of small insects from beads that are very realistic. I have a friend who saw them, fell in love and bought all they had. Now they are set all over her house and get quite a reaction from company who stop by. She wants more too!
Check them out. the prices are reasonable and the items are very unique.