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Cindy Grayson: Music

Gold Dust

(Cindy Grayson & The White Oak Creek Band)
The morning floats in lazily
Ready for the nine to three
Tomorrow touches yesterday
And weekends aren't so far away.

The morning finds my thoughts of you
Are woven inbetween the new
While afternoons will linger on
The evening brings itself along.
Still in all the lonely faces
Passing by in all their traces
Of times that they have stayed at home
And waited by the telephone.
Read it all between the lines,
Reaquainting with the times
When love was all we waited for.
We didn't know that there was more.

The fire crackles endlessly
And thoughts are sorted carelessly
And early loves they cease to be
All they use to be to me.
It wasn't just the night before,
I thought I saw you at my door
While everyone's been telling me
You're someone else's fantasy