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Cindy Grayson: Press

Dear Cindy,
Thanks so much for your card and letter- wishing you a Happy New Year as we gallop ( like the mouse) into the year 2007!
You are a true artist in all you do, drawing, music( and people) - I admire you!
Love & Best Wishes,
Donna Lamb
Church St. Art Gallery
Nacogdoches, Tx.
Donna Lamb - Christmas Card
Randy Brown here. I was the Emcee at Mud Creek this year. Congratulations on your award in the New Traditions Song Contest. Looking forward to meeting you again in April at the Americana Festival and to hearing "Mirror". From the songs of yours I heard at Mud Creek, I'm not surprised. To be honest, we write because we love it. But the recognition is sweet too. Enjoy the moment.

Randy Brown
Whatever you can do, or dream you can,begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. --- Goethe
Randall Brown - Emcee at Mud Creek Festival, Troop, Texas
The CD is full of beautiful music with a soul. The songs are a mixture of folk with a little blues, which melt together for an awesome feeling. They make you wish for more.
Enclosed is a copy of the PATH Tribute CD. Thank you so much for your contribution to the CD and by extension, to PATH. This was a labor of love and I hope to be invlved in more projects that promote East Texas singer/songwriters. Your song" Lost In All The Wonder" is a wonderful part of this project, and I thank you again for the contribution.
L'shalom - to peace,
Neal Katz
Making music at the market.

Guitarist Cindy Grayson performs Saturday morning at the Farmers Market at the corner of W. Main and Pearl Streets. With spring arriving, more and more items, including plants, locally grown vegetables, eggs and handmade crafts are available at the weekly event.
Christy Wooten - Nacogdoches Dailey Sentinel
Cindy Grayson is one of our many multi-talanted people in Nacogdoches. An artist, musician, singer/songwriter and horticulturist, she has been honing all of her crafts in this community for the last 40 years, since she first moved to Nacogdoches in 1968 with her parents, Dr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Bailey. Her pen&pencil artwork is done from photographs and covers a wide range of subject matter displaying a keen eye and love of detail , perspective & realism. Her music is drawn from a background in Folk, Soft Rock,Classical and a variety of multicultural roots from through out her life. She lives on and maintains 46 wooded acres of family land on cr 2609 since the rest of her family relocated elswhere many years ago and maintains flowerbeds for a few select clients for a living along with her art and music.She also illustrated a book on " Essays On Teaching and Illustrating Folklore" edited by Francis E. Abernethy and has put twp publications out of her own" Poetry" by Cynthia Grayson and " Morning Walk In The Woods #1" written and illustrated by Cynthia Grayson.
Maggie Duffin - Lamp Light Theatre News